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Guadeloupe rum, alcohol, sugar, sparkling water, fresh mint, lemon and lime flavours *16% alcohol content

Mai Tai

Guadeloupe rum, alcohol, orange juice cherry, lemon and almond flavours


Guadeloupe rum, alcohol, pineapple juice, watermelon, banana, raspberry, tequila, gin and lemon flavours


Brazilian cachaça, alcohol, lemon-flavoured sugar *30% alcohol content

Sex on the Beach

French vodka, alcohol, orange juice, pineapple juice, passion fruit, papaya, peach, white peach and melon flavours

Swimming Pool

Guadeloupe rum, alcohol, pineapple juice, curaçao, Pina Colada and Jamaican rum flavours.

*Allergenic: Milk proteins


Guadeloupe rum, alcohol, pineapple juice, guava, pitaya, rum and ginger flavours

Paradise dream

Pineapple juice, cascade of strawberry, raspberry and white peach flavours

Coconut king

Island delight with pineapple juice and cream, coconut flavour

*Allergenic: Milk proteins

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